The National Federation of Kyodan Women's Societies ( NFKWS )
is a nationwide church women's organization of the United Church
of Christ in Japan (Kyodan ).

* As an autonomous body of the Kyodan, we find our identity in
establishing our independence by the Word of God while serving
and supporting the Kyodan's mission and our local churches.

* The Kyodan is by nature a union of many different denominations.
We are supporting and working with one another sharing concerns,
having fellowship and facing necessary changes.

* Strengthening our solidarity and passing faith to the next generation.

* By sharing with the international church women's mission work,
we increase our hope and joy for the world peace, the global environment,
and better education for children.

* As church women, we want to live the Word of God loving our
neighbors, making us realize the importance of each of us
as a member of the body of Christ.


* 1941
Kyodan Established as a united church of more than 30
denominations under the imperial and military government.
It included a “ Women's Activity Office ” in its organization.

* 1951
Re-established “ the Women's Special Committee ” in one of the
sub-committees of “ the General Evangelism Commission ”of the Kyodan.

* 1960
Established as “ the Women's Special Committee ” belonging
to “ the Evangelical Commission ” of the Kyodan.

* 1968
The Women's Committee admitted as autonomous body in
the Kyodan at 15th General Assembly and started as the
“ National Federation of Kyodan Women's Societies ”

* 1969
The first Central Committee of NFKWS was held and our
societies were admitted as an independent group that is
related to the “ Commission Mission” in the Kyodan.

[ Our Organization]

To support the mission of the Kyodan and determine our own leadership,
program and budget, the Kyodan functions on three levels.
@ National A District B Sub-district / Local church
All activities are funded entirely by offering.

* Central Committee ( consists of 17 representatives from each district
plus 8 elected members ) ;
It is the top decision making body that decides the theme for the term
and plans activities such as national meetings ( every two years )
and seminars

* Sub-Committees ―We have 6 sub-Committees

1) Literature Committee :
Publishes 4-page monthly “Church Women”

2) Ecumenical Relations Committee :
Strengthens ties between NFKWS and churchwomen's organizations
in other denominations both domestic and international. ( NCC,

3) The Rainbow Haven-Shin ai so :
Was built for retired pastors and pastor's wives.
NFKWS supports Rainbow Haven-Shin ai so
by funds raised by bazaars and offerings.
4) Committee to Study the Situation of Women' Pastor:
Publishes a paper yearly and provides annual seminars for
women pastors.

5) Pastor's Wives' Study Committee :
Holds nationwide seminars every two years, publishes a newsletter
once a year and supporting mission activities.

6) Committee to Study the Bible as Canon :
Holds a monthly Bible study open to the public, organizes a Canonical
Bible Study every two years, publishes “a Bible Study Series” and
helps and supports many small groups studying the Bible all
throughout Japan.


2-3-18-76 Nishwaseda Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 169-0051

TEL: 03-3203-4258 FAX: 03-6233-9434
e-mail: info@nfkws.org
Home page: www.nfkws.org


Total number of churches.......1,715
Total number of pastors..........3,366
Ordained pastors.......1,825 (Women.....352)
Licensed preachers.....263 (Women.....100)
Total lay members..................177,240
Active members.......................119,555